Pilot #6

Viewer Perspective


When is a film successful? How many people have to see a film for it to be counted a success? And over what period of time? Are there other metrics of its worth? By providing opportunities for filmmakers to examine closely and evaluate audience engagement, we play a part in advancing methods and models that recognize the genuine merit of a film.

We invited filmmakers from STHLM Debut to a weekend workshop to discuss the paths a film may follow to reach its viewing audience. A request for entry followed upon the workshop, with a focus on innovative viewer influence. Three proposals were selected—the results of which were presented at a seminar at the Stockholm Film Festival on November 15, 2017.

The backbone of the project is the feature film Silvana–väck mig när ni vaknat (Silvana). The film was directed by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring and Christina Tsiobanelis, and produced by Stina Gardell and Anna Weitz at Mantaray Film.

The impact and merits of the film Silvana—väck mig när ni vaknat (Silvana): The aim of producer Anna Weitz is to make recognizable the genuine merit of the film. Investigating the film through all its windows of viewing, she seeks to grasp its long-term significance. Questionnaires are used to gather audience reactions as a basis for further analysis.

Verket Produktion will be arranging an online viewing for LGBT youth, as well as a cinema viewing in Stockholm to encourage discussion and debate.

Safe spaces: Verket Produktion approaches the viewer perspectives of LGBT youth. Do they see themselves portrayed in the film? Which depictions are missing? The project explores safe spaces. What is required to view rewardingly, especially when watching a film concerning LGTB individuals? Where are the physical and digital safe spaces of today and how can we create more?

A documentary whose starting point is the suicide of Jussi, a friend of the director. It deals with the struggle to grow up in a world that is impossible for many to find their place.

In-depth discussions on the film Trafikljusen blir blå imorgon (The Traffic Lights Turn Blue Tomorrow): Director Ragnhild Ekner plans to show her film for 15- to 20-year-olds in locales where they usually gather in their spare time. This will be followed by in-depth discussions raised by the film, and issues touching on life choices, opportunities and the impulses and pitfalls of youth.


The workshop located in Botkyrka. The follow-up seminar held in Stockholm at the Stockholm Film Festival. Greater Stockholm is the focal point for the in-depth work on the viewer perspectives of each film.


Never before has there been so much opportunity to reach an audience through film as there is now. Neither has it ever been so difficult to stand out from a crowd, and to reach an audience, than now. By providing opportunities for a number of filmmakers to examine closely their audience engagement and then evaluate this work, we want to play a part in advancing communicative methods and models of impact and effect. The pilot study also explores how we can evaluate a film in other ways than merely tallying the number of ticketed viewers and festival showings.


November 2016: Formulation of a project proposal

February 24: Invitations sent out
April 19: Workshop
May 3: Request for project plan support announced
May 30: Deadline
June 8: Decision and presentation
July and September: Contract management and startup meeting with project owners
November 15: Follow-up and evaluation during Stockholm Film Festival


The Filmregion’s project Smart Kreativ Stad, in collaboration with STHLM Debut through the Stockholm County Council, Film Stockholm/Filmbasen and the Stockholm International Film Festival


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