Pilot #5

Safari Urbain STHLM


How might the city’s facades and surfaces be brought to life in the dark of night? What might happen to the vibe of the city when draped with a new layer of storytelling in the guise of light and pictures? In Safari Urbain STHLM, art stepped out into the life on the street, painting stories on facades: a kind of mortal graffiti, like short-lived souvenirs for passers-by, an art that disappears without leaving a trace.

Safari Urbain is a series of portraits projected onto the facades of buildings in Paris, Montreal and Orlando. On the 25–26 of november we were lucky enough to see this urban safari in Stockholm.

Visual artist Julien Nonnon wanted to question our behaviours and patterns through street art, moving installations, digital creation and video-mapping.

These fleeting works of art deserves to be seen up close. In the night, in the moment. Are you ready to go into the jungle in your own neighbourhood? Come join the Safari Urbain STHLM.

Safari Urbain STHLM

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In the competition Urban Screens and Surfaces we wanted to discover captivating surfaces, like building facades, exterior sides and stonewalls, for our urban safari in Stockholm. Through this competition Film Capital Stockholm spotlighted a group of filmmakers who are ordinarily less than visible—location scouts.


August—December 2016.


Round and about Stockholm.


Smart Kreativ Stad in collaboration with the location platform Locamundo, Fasadprojektion and Panasonic.


We highlighted Stockholm as a city, and gave its inhabitants the opportunity to view the city’s surfaces and architecture in a new light, while bolstering its power of attraction internationally as an inventive and innovative city. The project was all about the interaction between works of art, architecture and the surrounding cityscape. The works exposed and confirmed the material nature of the projection surface, its irregularities, imperfections and beauty. In the light, the city become a space full of potential and unusual encounters.


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