Pilot #2

POPUP Cinema


Is film really at its best at the cinema? This summer, twelve events were arranged where people could gather to watch film in unexpected and unorthodox venues around Stockholm. STHLM Popup Cinema arranged popup screenings, creating a totally unique cinematic experience. 

During the spring of 2016, we announced an invitation to arrange pop-up cinema screenings. Out of the 31 applications, fourteen were granted project support and visitors were able to enjoy cinematic art anywhere from the Party Boat M/S Patricia to the lawn in Haga Park or under the bridges between the Essingens.

Locally produced short films in Hurtigs Square in Jordbro, June 2016.

Popup Cinemas

Jordbro Popupbio
Lappis Northern Nights
Filmkväll på skeppet Havheld
Bio på ön – Lilla Essingen Moving Pictures
Cul De Maretopia
Waiting for B
Min Granne
Ensamhet & organisering
Utomhusbio i Fisksätra

The spring and summer of 2016.


We arranged screenings at several locations across Stockholm County, see map for more information.


Popup Cinema fostered an inclusive urban environment reflecting the city’s multiplicity of cultural and artistic expression for residents and visitors alike.


The Filmregion Stockholm–Mälardalen in partnership with the film department at the Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre and several distributors, including Nonstop Entertainment, NjutaFilms, TriArt Film and Studio S. An experimental mobile Popup Cinema was developed and constructed in collaboration with students attending the KTH Architecture Studio #9. Part of the Film Region’s collaborative project Smart Kreativ Stad, this investment is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Evaluation report

On-going evaluation researcher Annika Wik was recruited by Filmregionen to monitor the evaluation of the Popup Cinema project.

Activation turned out to be the students’ key concept: activation of space, of neighbourhoods, of film culture, of various visitor segments. Specificity of place was yet another guiding concept, as were fellowship, inclusion, intergenerational mindset and united action.

Throughout most of the project, the neighbourhoods were activated: neighbourhoods understood as city blocks, their residents and their local forces. Once a neighbourhood was singled out and brought into the light, it spawned spontaneity, pride, shared experiences and a large dose of fellowship and inclusion.

In this light, it is established that the results of the study aid in reaching the ultimate goal of the project: equality, urban development, innovation and cross-sectional development.

Popup Cinema as a phenomenon brought about unexpected encounters between film, space and public. In the context of the arrangers’ choice of venue and cultural content, diverse city spaces were activated—residents and visitors alike in the summer of 2016 were treated to view film with the city as its backdrop.

Read the full report (Swedish)

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