Pilot #7

Moving Murals Hagalund


Moving Murals—a unique mix of mural painting and projection mapping—materialized through the collaboration between Performing Pictures and the street artists Lapiztola. Local youth, future artists and filmakers, were invited to take part in bringing urban fairytales to nocturnal life in an industrial area of Stockholm.


Moving Murals was co-created by Geska Brecevic (Smart Kreativ Stad, artistic director), Robert Brecevic (Royal Institute of Art, lecturer) and the artist collective Lapiztola (Mexico). A select group of local young filmmakers and art students were introduced to the the technical and conceptual prospects of video mapping and contemporary art.

During the grand opening, video works by Performing Pictures and the attending participants illuminated the mural of Lapiztola. The cinematic installation was on display for an entire month. To read more about about the artistic concept click here. See the participants work below.

Moving Murals Hagalund

The workshops were held at the local film initiative UnCut by a lecturer from the Royal Institute of Art, during which young filmmakers and art students learnt to work with video mapping as they explored the various aesthetic, narrative and/or representational aspects of the medium.

The aim of the pilot study is to activate the neighborhood on several levels. A permanent large-scale work was produced on an industrial facade in Hagalund. In daylight, the painting resides in its own aesthetic completeness. When night falls a beam of light protrudes through the darkness and animates the fanciful figures on the wall. The mural painting undergoes a transformation.


The Hagalund industrial park is a priority neighbourhood for development, and Solna municipality and the building proprietors of Humlegården are working intensively to establish activities conducive to a favourable development of the area. The work was displayed on the rear facade of Gelbgjutarevägen 7 in Hagalund.


The pilot study addressed how a former industrial park can be vitalized through the embodiment of local creativity in contemporary artistic expression. This includes designing a context whereby young people can create, discover, challenge and influence. In visualizing new sides of one’s own back yard, discussions open up regarding future prospects and opportunities.


November—December 2017:
• Display of works (stencils) for projection mapping
• Technical installations

January 2018:
• Workshop in projection mapping / video mapping at UnCut in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art, culminating by a vernissage

February 2018:
• 2nd of February 10 am—4.30 pm Full day of seminar “Stadens ytor—möten mellan rörlig bild och arkitektur” in Hagalund
• 2nd of February 4.30 pm—6.30 pm Vernissage for the piece, Kaninfågeln, and the video pieces

2nd of February—1st of March, 2018:
• Video piece projected every evening and night between 4.30 pm and 8 am


Film Capital Stockholm’s project Smart Kreativ Stad, in collaboration with Lapiztola, Solna municipality through the local actors UnCut and RÅMATERIAL/Black Sheep, the real estate concern Humlegården, the Royal Institute of Art, and students at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, and Xenter.


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