Pilot #11

Film Tourism Expanded


How is the perception of a place affected by its depiction in films or series? Could a production arouse interest in the place and, if so, how do we measure the impact?

Seeing a city depicted in films or series can pique interest in a destination. However, our perception of a place is more complex than mere location tourism would allow. The difficulties so far have been to measure this. The pilot study Film Tourism Expanded aims to develop a tool for working with film tourism from the first shoot through to the premiere.


Film Tourism Expanded aims to fill a research gap by mapping current methods for measuring the influence of moving images on the public’s choice of travel destination. By drafting a concrete proposal for a metric, the study aims to facilitate data collection of the true influence of moving images on public perception. The study will also consider one of the most extensive historical dramas of Japanese public television, Idaten. Shot in part in Stockholm, the series treats a Japanese athlete who disappears during the marathon race in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. The pilot study will lead to proposals for a working model that could measure from an early stage the impact of a film or television production on public interest in a travel destination. The model has been developed by Joakim Lind at Cloudberry Communications.


The pilot study will be conducted during the spring and summer of 2019.


The study is conducted by Joakim Lind at Cloudberry Communications AB in partnership with Stockholm Business Region and Visit Stockholm.


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