Pilot #9

Audio—Danderyd Is Listening


Our hearing is always on, and how we listen influences the ways we include the voices of youth. Audio—Danderyd  Is Listening places the focus on listening attentively to one another and to our surroundings.

Many of us are poor listeners. We listen half-heartedly, while musing about what we ourselves wish to say, without allowing others to finish what they have to say. We are always steering conversations to topics that interest us. We have a hard time seeing the perspective of others. We are always giving advice. These behaviors stand in the way of our listening. And our understanding.

Audio—Danderyd Is Listening takes as its starting point what active listening actually implies. How can we encourage young people to listen to one another, and parents to young people? Listening is the watchword of the project, which highlights the life circumstances and challenges of youth. The project is led by educators and workshop leaders.

Fina Sundqvist has a background in creative and educational coaching. Fina works with engaging young people in co-creation. She was involved in designing the coaching activities at the youth culture house Lakeside Haninge, and she started up Doc Lounge Stockholm. She is now head of Our Doc Lounge, where young people both produce their own screenings and, through workshops, are emboldened in their own filmmaking.

Carolina Jinde has a background as a sound designer in film, TV drama and radio. As a doctoral student at Stockholm University of the Arts, her research area concerns how voice qualities both contextualize the spoken word and shape narrative. She is also investigating how the psychosocial aspects of space affect vocal expression.

On five occasions, a group of students at Viktor Rydberg High School and Danderyd High School labelled, through sound stories, the significant emotions, events and places in their daily lives. With the aim of anonymizing the stories, the sound works have been staged by students from other schools and actors.

Audio—Danderyd Is Listening

In the pilot, we seek to provide the tools for youths to listen actively to one another, and for parents—and other adults who determine the paths of young people—an opportunity to refine their listening and absorb these stories, while venturing new forms of dialogue.


The project ran during the autumn of 2018, kicking off with workshops in mid-September. The results will be presented in Q1, 2019.

Nov 21: The launch at Danderyd High School (with workshops ongoing until January 2019). On five occasions, a group of students labelled, through sound stories, significant emotions, events and places in their daily lives. With everyday sounds as a starting point, the youths identified the themes that form the basis of their sound works. Through exercises in listening, collecting sounds and storytelling, the students have crafted structures for their stories.

Dec 4: The results of workshops at Viktor Rydberg High School were reported. With the aim of anonymizing the stories, the sound works have been staged by students from other schools and actors. The audio stories are easy to identify with—by highlighting the problems surrounding stress, loyalty and achievement—and express a strong desire to feel whole.

Djursholm, Stockholm.
Process Managers: Fina Sundqvist and Carolina Jinde.
Ongoing Evaluation Consultant: Annika Wik.

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