New perspectives on collaboration and structural development

Let’s pool our imagination!

A city is a notion, urbanity a mirage. In the pilot studies, seminars and conversations of Smart Kreativ Stad, we have fantasized over a vibrant city teeming with impressions, expression and encounters. Change presupposes structural development whereby one and all can contribute with their competence and field: politics and regional development, urban planning, architecture, construction, real estate development and management, education, small and medium-sized companies in the artistic and creative sector. But to bring about change, collaboration is also required, as there is no single actor who owns the issue of urban activation through film and moving images. Development of the field must, therefore, be based on participants together realizing the importance of stakeholders working together—even those who are traditionally not involved in such issues.

“In order to reach full potential, it is of the essence that different actors join together and cooperate.”

Within the framework of pilot study #11, the report “The Impact of Film on People and Destinations” (2019) was compiled by Joakim Lind, Media Analyst and Communication Strategist at Cloudberry. In the report, Lind analyzes the role of film and television in the development of locations and regions.

Reflection from the Ongoing Evaluator on conversation 5:
New perspectives on collaboration and structural development


A permissive cultural climate of high quality can make a region more attractive to live in, to work in and to visit. To get there requires collaboration and structural development in the service of a shared vision. We need imaginative vision to design the kind of city we want. The last of five conversations centered around the forms of collaboration that film as a medium of expression in public spaces requires and how we can create structures that are sustainable. The conversation took place at Färgfabriken on 10 September 2020.

Participants in the conversation on 10 September:
Anders Ekegren Chairman, Foundation Filmstaden Kultur
Anna Waernborg Landscape Architect, AFRY
Annika Wik Ph.D. Film Studies, Ongoing Evaluation Researcher, Smart Kreativ Stad
Beata Mannheimer COO, Film Capital Stockholm
Cecilia Elving Chairman of the Cultural Administration, Stockholm Region
Cecilia Ömalm Artist
Cristina Schippa Artistic Director, Fisksätra Museum
Daniel Chilla Film Commissioner, Film Capital Stockholm
Eva Bergquist Head of Department of Culture, Stockholm Region
Eva Esseen Arndorff CEO/Marketing Manager, TriArt
Geska Helena Brecevic Artistic Director and Project Manager, Smart Kreativ Stad
Ivana Lalovic Film Consultant, Stockholm Region
Jelena Miljanović Head Architect, Codesign Research
Jennifer Norström Project Manager, Smart Kreativ Stad
Jonas Naddebo Commissioner for Culture and Urban Environment, Stockholm Municipality
Karin Lekberg Culture Strategist for Urban Development and Social Sustainability, Landskapslaget
Kristina Solberg Cultural Grants Administrator Cultural, Region Stockholm
Louise Bown Film Consultant, Uppsala Municipality
Mathias Holmberg Development Manager in Sustainability, Uppsala Municipality
Mónica Hernández Rejón Artistic Director/ Producer/Program Manager, Panoramica
Patrik Liljegren Asst. Chairman of Cultural Administration, Stockholm Municipality
Paul Philip Abrigo Political Advisor, Stockholm Municipality
Pär Svensson Project Manager, Site Development, Visit Stockholm
Robert Brecevic Artist, Filmmaker and Lecturer at the Royal Institute of Art
Roger Mogert CEO, Red Wedge
Sofie Weidemann Architect and Partner, White arkitekter
Thomas Borén Associate Professor in Human Geography, Stockholm University
Tinna Joné Associate Professor of Documentary Narrative, StDH
Veronica Hejdelind Operations Manager, Birthe & Per Arwidsson’s Foundation

Moderators: Jennifer Norström and Ulrika Bandeira
Introduction: Sterling Downey City Councillor, Montreal
Popup Cinema Screening: Clara Gustavsson

Reflections from the Ongoing Evaluator on conversation 5: New perspectives on collaboration and structural development are found here. (PDF in Swedish)