A case study on Montréal


Montréal has made itself internationally known as a hub for creative and innovative cultural life where moving image has a natural place in the urban space. In November 2019, Smart Kreativ Stad traveled to the city to find out about the recipe behind the success. In the film, you will meet, among others, Deputy Mayor Sterling Downey and former CEO of SODEC, Monique Simard, who talks about the importance of promoting art and culture and how moving images in the public space can create living cities.

Produced by Jennifer Norström, Vanja Wickman and Joakim Sjögren
Photo: Eric Cohen & Andre Bendahan
Editing: Johan Sundell
Motion Graphics: Joakim Olsson
Music: Ronald Heu
Sound mix: David Gülish

Length: 6 minutes
Language: English