Launch of international platform for moving images and urban development

Videopainting by Blake Shaw – one of the projects produced by hybridcityart member Public Art Lab. © Mathias Moxter. 
Videopainting by Blake Shaw – one of the projects produced by hybridcityart member Public Art Lab. © Mathias Moxter.

Film Capital Stockholm with a coalition of partners from other European cities launch a new platform – – to support artistic expression with a focus on urban media art and moving images. The inauguration takes place this 25 – 27 September at Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, Norway.

Together with Art Republic (Stavanger), Public Art Lab (Berlin) and Urban Media Art Academy (Berlin/Copenhagen), Film Capital Stockholm takes its urban development project Smart Kreativ Stad to an international level by launching the platform .

The two primary goals of are to support and promote:

  • Artistic expression and creation of urban media art and moving images;
  • Critical cultural participation and offer art-anchored perspectives on more inclusive, sustainable urban development.

Film Capital Stockholm CEO Anette Mattsson:
“Through our interdisciplinary project Smart Kreativ Stad we have clearly seen that the sector of moving images and its broad spectrum of skills can play a key role as an enlightening catalyst for new perspectives, dialogue and engagement in the field of urban development. We look very much forward to take this to an international level.”

The new platform will be launched at the Nordic Edge Expo – a comprehensive marketing and communication platform for showcasing solutions for smart cities and communities – 25 – 27 September in Stavanger, Norway.

A healthy city needs friction, rupture and engagement as much as it needs efficiency, cohesion and consensus. It needs spaces for stimulating awareness, consciousness, trust, resistance, inclusion, empathy, presence, thinking, engagement and eventually action – which can add up to changing worldviews, habits and innovation schemes.

Art and creativity can engage people to care and dare to critically and constructively participate in societal co-creation.

Artists are at the ethical and sustainable forefront of our technological evolution and can embrace and facilitate such complexity at an urban scale.

We need to further sustainable practices with art to become a foundation on which cities can evolve – critically, ethically and sustainably.

The coalition for seeks to qualify a mandate and further sustainable practices for art in the hybrid city.