New perspectives
on moving images
in the public space

A vibrant city should provide space for impressions and expression, for activity and tranquillity, community and solitude, beauty and crudeness, sounds, noise and silence—space for life, in short. So how do we design an urban space for experiencing life, for play and imagination? And how could moving images promote the use of our public spaces?

Vibrant Images—Vibrant City

Vibrant Images—Vibrant City is an anthology compiling new perspectives on film and moving images in urban space based on experiences from the project Smart Kreativ Stad.


A Conversation on Vibrant Images in Urban Space

A Conversation on Vibrant Images in Urban Space, a discussion between six stakeholders from various fields, highlights the needs and wishes, as well as the challenges and possibilities, for film and moving images in urban space.


The Smart Kreativ Stad project was initiated in accordance with the goals of Agenda 2030. In our work to make cities and communities inclusive, resilient and sustainable, culture and creativity have been identified as essential tools. Therefore, we have studied the ways in which film and moving images can assist in achieving these goals. Between 2015 and 2019, eleven pilot studies were conducted, probing new perspectives on moving images in the urban space. Teaming up the creative industries with local governments, academia and businesses creates a cross-sector collaboration that stimulates economic, social and cultural growth. The compiled documentation, including the ongoing evaluation reports, can be found under each pilot study below.

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Work on the eleven pilot studies has led to five areas of development: New perspectives on location, New perspectives on expression and format, New perspectives on creators and filmmakers, New perspectives on audience and spectator and New perspectives on collaboration and structural development. These new perspectives set the framework for the project’s final phase in 2019–2020, for which Smart Kreativ Stad organized five roundtable discussions with the aim of forming partnerships and structural change and advancing the position for film in the urban space. Below you can read about the participants in the conversations, as well as the reflections of the Ongoing Evaluation Consultant.


There are several ways to view the results of the project. Here on the website, the various components of the project are accounted for in text, image, evaluation reports and even film. Here you will also find a digital version of the book Vibrant Images—Vibrant City or you can view the film A Conversation about Vibrant Images in Urban Space.